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On this page we will discuss the important areas found in the world of Bleach - Odyssey.


Las Noches in Hueco Mundo: The large white building found at the farthest Northeast(Top Right) corner of Hueco Mundo. Please keep in mind to NOT metagame knowing what the place is unless you learn ICly from a Hollow or Arrancar.


Urahara Shop: Travel to the farthest Northeast(Top right) of Earth and then turn Northward(Up) and walk up until you find a place with a pond that looks like a a large apartment complex with blue rooftops.


Soul Society: As you enter Rukongai travel northward(Up) throught he center of the houses, and at the top you will enter Soul Society.


Important NPCs


Unumari Kisuke: Around the top right of the map, where Urahara shop is, he should be standing with a big blue arrow over his head.