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This Guide will show you how to Gauge your power via your RP Level and skills as an RP-er.

Note: Every 10 Stat/OOC levels(Not RP levels) count as a single RP level. (Example: Level 46 And RP level 13 = RP level 17. This does NOT count towards Bankai or Vastorode.)


First off, it is a very common misconception that having the superior RP level puts you at the automatic win for a fight. This is highly incorrect and I will specify what can be defined as a "win" during a fight or match RP. No one should listen to anyone, as well, that says that having superior RP skill will always allow you to "win". You need a good combination of the two, and a rank wouldn't hurt, to ensure that you have the biggest edge in a fight.


Now, moving onto defining having "better RP skills". This is a very controversial topic, ending with many, aforementioned, idiots claiming to win due to RP level. An RP skill is an intangible "stat" that changes every RP. Just because you are the Captain Commander and succeeded in performing the best RP in a fight against someone, doesn't mean you can slack off against someone else of similar RP level by saying that you had done well enough in previous RP's as an excuse. You need to RP better than the other person in every aspect to gain the upper hand, which is what defines better RP Skills.


RP Level. What a hard topic to explain. I suppose I should shorten up this explanation with a quick summary. RP Level defines your power, not your ability to win. This means that you hold an advantage or edge over someone with a lower RP level. I would estimate that 99% of people assume that RP level gives you the auto-win in a fight if you hold at least 3 more RP levels than your opponent. This is incorrect. You need to be a MUCH better RP-er than your opponent to win, and RP level is only half of it. An example: Yammy Rialgo was perhaps the most powerful Espada. Yet he lacked the skills to use them effectively. And, as you could tell from the Manga, Byakuya Kuchiki and Zaraki Kenpachi defeated him with a slight challenge. Of course, one could argue, that more power means stronger. This is correct, but without skills, one lacks the knowledge of using the power in order to "win".


Once all of this has been put into effect, and you are facing someone with an RP level of 13 and you are an RP level of 8 or 9, or even lower, you still have a chance to "win" if you are the better RP-er. So, take these things into consideration next time you fight an opponent much more powerful than you.