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This section is mainly for Staff Members, or for future Staff Members. All Staff Members must follow these rules or risk being demoted or fired.





Stage 1. Warning

Stage 2. Demotion

Stage 3. Fired

Stage 4. Banned


Step 1 Rules


1. Do not abuse you're Staff powers to influence the IC situation of someone else's, or your own, RP's; such as forcing them to take a hit with a threat of punishment.


2. Do not abuse your "Teleport" verb to access otherwise forbidden areas; such as accessing Hueco Mundo without having made a proper Role Play with another player.


3. Using the Reward verb to only reward people who do not deserve to be rewarded is strictly forbidden.


4. Rewarding over a set limit is forbidden. (Currently rewards may exceed 500 XP)


Step 2 Rules


1. Abusing your standing as a Staff to provoke someone else to attack you and then punishing them will result in you being found guilty as well. A ban strike may also be given.


2. Creating otherwise inaccessible objects are not tolerated unless you are given the permission to do so.(This may also count as a Step 1 Punishment depending on the punisher.)


Step 3 & 4 Rules (It could be resulted in either Step punishment)


1. Threatening someone with your Staff Powers are unacceptable. (May count as a Step 2 depending on the punisher.)


2. Abusing your position as Staff to ban/boot/mute or teleport to kill someone or otherwise ruin someone's experience with the game will be resulted in firing and/or an immediate ban.


3. Do not boss around other staff like slaves unless you are given permission by Hishido to act as such.